Our Story

BE SO is a small but growing business that was first started in early 2020 by me, Beth. Since then, I've been joined by an amazing team of helpers.
We run our exciting business from the South Bank Club in York.

From the seed of a dream I've had for a long time, BE SO started as a little 'lockdown project' that gathered momentum as friends' feedback demanded I make more. I love working with my hands and getting creative with different scents, textures, and colours. During the first national lockdown, I suddenly had all the time in the world to experiment and see if my ideas had scope to be a business. 

We are selling our soaps in the gorgeous Born of Botanic store on Stonegate, York.
We have also teamed up with the Incredible York Gin and have made 3 special Gin scented inspired soaps, which they sell in all their stores here in York and on their online website..

We are here for you to make simple but beautiful soaps that are perfect for you and our environment.

Thanks for choosing BE SO

Love Beth x